I’m a 3rd year Literature & Publishing student at Bath Spa University. My interests lie predominantly in non-fiction publishing, particularly in the lifestyle sector. I’ve worked on many digital publishing projects and have recently completed a short internship at Future publishing where I ran a marketing campaign for one of their new publications, Craft Beer: 365 of the world’s best beers.

I’m interested in the way digital technology can help to enhance text and create interactive, multi-media publications, whether it be books or a magazines. I’m currently taking a module, Literature in a Digital Age, which explores digital adaptations of literary texts, from educational apps to games. In this module I am developing my own digital product inspired by a literary text. Watch this space! 

I currently hold the post of Digital Publisher for Bath Spa University’s alternative magazine, milk. In this role, I oversee the design of the website and upload and format content which includes sourcing and editing images as well as proof reading and editing. We are always looking for new ways to strengthen our brand and promote our publication so an awareness of marketing is also an important part of the role. I recently developed our digital mini-mag with the idea to post it to social networking sites and our mailing list in order to promote the online magazine.

Links to my Digital Publishing projects:

www.tiatouring.co.uk – This website design and the written content was created by me as part of a 2nd year project.

www.thebathscrinium.com– I am currently developing a website/blog site for a 3rd year creative writing module.

www.milkonline.org.uk– milk. Magazine.

http://katiemilk.wordpress.com/ – My 2nd year milk. magazine project.

www.digital-literature.org – You can follow the progress of the Literature in a Digital Age module on this website.

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